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ETL extract from CLM 3.0.14 not working with Rational Insight

Amlan Sengupta (33289) | asked Feb 14 '13, 4:49 a.m.
Problem : Special characters in ETL extract.

We are doing an ETL extract from our CLM environment ( 3.0.14 ). When the extract is getting loaded into Insight, Insight tends to choke and complain on special characters like â€.

What we do not know if Data Manager is inserting the special chars on the extract or the insert. So we would like the ETL extractor to dump the extract onto to a flat file for us to investigate. Any suggestions on how we can do this in Insight ?

Secondly is there a way to configure character encoding on Insight so this gets handled properly at the ETL extract and ELT Load time  ?

Amlan Sengupta commented Feb 15 '13, 8:04 a.m.

One of the solutions that has been proposed to me was

The best fix would be to ascertain which field it is failing on (errors will say) then ask DBA to change the DB2 field to be MIXED DATA. That should allow you to have single-byte characters and multibyte characters.

But for me to test this, the question still comes back to Cognos and figuring out how we can dump the extract to flat files using Data Manager to verify the above fix does work. So any suggestions on this would be great or guidance on if I am completely missing the picture.

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