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Consumer key is not valid after repotools import

Harry Koehnemann (30115238) | asked Apr 06 '12, 5:25 p.m.
I am trying to import a repository export(jts, ccm, qm, dw, tomcatusers.xml) that includes a lifecycle project. The project data appears to be OK, but it looks the RRC inter-project connection looks broken. For example, when navigating from a CCM work item to the requirements we get teh following message:

CRJZS0033E The consumer key is not valid and the consumer may not be registered. The service provider is "https://jazz-server:9443". The consumer key is "7ff...6c5". (More info found at entry in RRS server log)

It appears the RTC-RQM link still works though.

The Lifecycle Admin page is strangely in the "Finalize Setup" page with the same error message.

Thoughts? Does repotools support migrating lifecycle projects?

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