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Detailed Information about CPU sizing for small Team

Natsumi Yokoyama (209386101) | asked Feb 27 '12, 2:43 a.m.

I need more detailed information to estimate RTC Server's CPU. I already know about "Collaborative Lifecycle Management 3.0.1 Sizing Guide". It is really helpful especially for a large deployment. In Japan, it is often case to deploy RTC to small team, 30 - 50 users. In that case, it is difficult to estimate.

For example, how do we judge how many "Cores" are enough for 30 users on p780? One Core is enough?

According to "Processor Value Unit" and CLM Sizing Guide, it is calculated that 1.6 Core CPU is recommended for p780. How do we judge whether 1 Core is enough for 30 users on p780?

My Customer is planning to deploy RTC on AIX. We are wondering about how may "Cores" are good enough for AIX p780.
"Collaborative Lifecycle Management 3.0.1 Sizing Guide" recommends following configuration. In that scenario, 100 users are using RTC server on Winodws, Intel Xeon 3060. In other words, it may be too rich for 30 users.
- "2" IBM Systems x3250 - Dual CPU Intel Xeon 3060 2.4 GHz or higher 64-bit (one each for web application server and for database server)
- Memory 4GB or higher for each server
- Disk High Performance SAS Disk (15K), RAID, SAN or NAS direct connected disk subsystem
- Operating System Red Hat Release 5.3 or Windows 2003 (or 2008) Server
- Web Application server WAS or higher, or Tomcat 5.5
- Database DB2 9.7 FP 2, SQL 2008, Oracle 11g R2

According to "Processor Value Unit", It is calculated 1.6 Core CPU for p780. How do we judge how many Cores are enough for 30 users on p780?
*In case of Windows Single Tier configuration, 200 PVU is required.
- Intel Xeon 3060 is PVU 50
- x3250 is Dual Core
- x3250 with Intel Xeon 3060 is 100 PVU. 100 PVU is reccomended for each server, Web Server and DB Server.
*In case of p780 Single Tier configuration, 1.6 Cores is required.
- p780 PVU is 120
- 200 / 120 = about 1.6

*Collaborative Lifecycle Management 3.0.1 Sizing Guide

*Processor Value Unit licensing for Distributed Software

Thank you

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