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Formal process in a sandbox

ian boden (2115) | asked Feb 23 '12, 12:24 p.m.
I am interested in trying out the formal process in a sandbox. When creating a sandbox, it didn't ask which template to use.

Through the fat client I tried changing the process but it says I must use the web client.

It opens the web client and puts me on the process description panel. I am presented with 2 options:
1) Create a new process description
2) Import a process description

If I try to create a new description the panel goes blank. I've tried this with multiple browsers and none of them show anything.

I exported the formal process from somewhere else and tried to import it but get the following error message:
'Save Private Process Description' failed. Permission denied.

Has anyone managed to use the formal process in a sandbox and if so how?

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