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possible to auto register users somehow?

David Samuelsson (2161) | asked Jul 04 '07, 3:16 p.m.
Internally we have built an server based on Equinox technoligy, then we have the eclipse client connecting to the server and registering the user in a client registry on the server, the client gets updated very similar to what Jazz does just that have attached / detached written in the lower bar.

Now to the question would it be possible for us to "auto register" the users from our client registry as jazz users? i.e. we do not need to manually add users to Jazz, just assign them to correct groups etc, maybe even that could be set?

anyone that can point to the correct API if this is possible?

best regards


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Bill Higgins (24611) | answered Jul 11 '07, 1:55 p.m.
Hi Dave, this is Bill Higgins from the web UI team - I also work on the security design for Jazz.

It's funny you should ask about the ability to auto-create Jazz users from the registry because we've been talking about that in the past few days.

Currently this capability does *not* exist, and it's our current position that we won't add this capability for the following reason: we don't want to accidentally auto-create a duplicate Jazz user just because someone's Jazz user's userId is misspelled. Duplicate Jazz users for the same logical user are a major headache (because so much information links to your user record - e.g. teams, work items, etc.).

The discussion for this capability is in bug 8087 (I've just subscribed you). I welcome you to comment on that bug if you think our rationale is faulty or if you have other suggestions.

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