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Optimizing jazz web ui

Per Östlund (611) | asked May 31 '11, 2:55 a.m.
Is there some way to
Use minimized files for jazz
Use some built dojolayer for the jazz files needed, so that dojo.require(jazz.xxxxx) doesn't load many files. So instead it can be loaded with one HTTP request (the dojo layer).

Performance is very bad when there is 20 HTTP requests for loading jazz all required jazz web ui files.

We have built dojo layer files for other non jazz related dojo code and that shrinked the HTTP requests to just one or two.

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Curtis d'Entremont (1.3k3) | answered May 31 '11, 11:14 a.m.
The Jazz Web UI does use shrinksafe to minify javascript, and also combines javascript and CSS files when loading the Web UI. Unlike with layers, it dynamically crawls the full dependency tree of a root file for the Web UI and bundles all that in one request. Though due to the componentized nature of the Web UI, there are several such requests - since loading all the Jazz code upfront would be too much.

Is the performance bad as a whole or only in specific parts of the Web UI? Also, can you double check the hardware requirements and ensure that the hardware and network connectivity are sufficient?

Client side performance is another possibility - some browsers are vastly more efficient than others. IE7 & 8 perform poorly compared to the rest.

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Per Östlund (611) | answered May 31 '11, 11:36 a.m.
Maybe we got the wrong web ui file or haven't initialized jazz correctly.
Looking at the response with firebug gives me an unshrinked file.
Looking at firebug HTTP requests I see a lot of requests.

The bottleneck is all the separate jazz requests (due to many dojo.require and its dependencies).
An little bottleneck is also that the files seems to be unshrinked.

I am not looking for loading everything, that would be to much. But HTTP request is one of the most evil thing when it comes to page speed so less HTTP requests is good. So something that are like the dojo layers (that can be built) for making fewer requests. One dojo.require can result in 10 dependent requests, that can be fixed by something like the dojo layers.

And yes, performance is worse in IE7 and IE8. But because of the reasons above it is still not good at all for FF.

What is needed to initialize jazz so that fewer HTTP requests is done?
What is needed to use the shrinked version?
Haven't found this in the documentation.

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