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Enhancement for RTC

Manoj Panda (39336662) | asked May 27 '11, 5:09 a.m.
Following are my requirement should have in RTC. Not sure of there is another way to achieve this with existing RTC 3.0. Please let me know if possible. OR if you know the any of the following is already requested for the enhancement

1. Replica of the Project: If there is a need of Duplicate of the project or similar project to be created then the best way is to export/import the process templates of current project to the new project.
But what about users?? If there are 100 users in the current project with different roles, and then again I need to create/import those users in to the new project and again I need to assign the different roles in to the new project.

Suggestion: It would be better, if RTC could give the facility of export and import the users with the roles along with the other project assets.I believe similar functionality is also available in HP Quality Centre.

2. Along with the source code history , WI history is also available in RTC but why not the History of the roles given to the users??
For Exa: If the user1 has the current role of Developer and later he gets the new role called Team Lead addition to the developer, then RTC should show the history of the user1 like who gives the role to him as Team Lead etc This could be help organisaion for Audit Trail.

3. Do we really need the history of the WI or source code. Answer may be 90% Yes and 10% NO. If the project is running for last 10 yrs and there are so many stable version has been released as well as baseline the changes set. Then whats the use of keeping history of the Source code or any WI for last 10 yrs. Can be there any provision given to the users to disable the History or to delete the history. Currently there is a provision in RTC where History can be hidden from the users but cant be disable.
4. Looking into the one of the feature in TFS, where you can import the data(Work items) but while importing the WI, TFS can do the validation of the data. Similar functionality is also available with RTC but does not validate the data while importing the data.
5. In Rational ClearQuest, you can customize the Fields, attributes etc.. one of the good feature in CQ like, if the Value of the Field A is XXX then Field B can be display else Field B will not be visible.
Suggestion: better to get the similar functionality in RTC.

6. One of the great feature in RTC is dashboard and Reporting capability is also really good compare to any other Tools. Dashboard can be customized easily as per the required roles in the organization like Project manager, programe Manager, upto CxO level. As well as the Dashboard can be shared with other users where people does not need to know the RTC that means just by giving the URL to the user they can log into the RTC and report can seen.

What about the external stakeholders where the RTC access should not be shared with them?? For that report can be generated which is static and shared by email or by keeping a common repository.

Suggestion: Look at the report create by Rational System Architect. The report should work like self-sustained web navigation pages, Dashboard can be saved as html file and it should have all the embedded components and queries so that on clicking the link it will open up the corresponding other link and contents.

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