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Getting Time Spent by plain java API

Melanie Finke (7721520) | asked Mar 15 '12, 11:26 a.m.

I try to get the time spent attribute by plain java API.

In IWorkItem is a getter for duration available, but this is the estimated time.

The id of time spent is according to the administration web interface timeSpent and of estimated time duration.

Is there a way to get the value of time spent through the plain java API?

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Melanie Finke (7721520) | answered Mar 19 '12, 7:32 a.m.

in a earlier post I found a solution to my problem.

I tried the suggested way. If the attribute is not set I get -1 else 0 is returned. How can I get the concret value of time spent?

My code is:

IWorkItemCommon workItemCommon = (IWorkItemCommon) repository

IAttribute timeSpentattribute = workItemCommon.findAttribute(
projectArea, WorkItem.TIME_SPENT_PROPERTY, monitor);

Object o = rtcWorkItem.getValue(timeSpentattribute);

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Melanie Finke (7721520) | answered Mar 21 '12, 9:54 a.m.

I figured out, that it is not the code, that is wrong.

In the field time spent I do not type in the time I have already spent on that item. It is the time remaining. The program calculates estamated time - the in time spent typed in time and this is time spent in the attribute.

In my case estemated and time spent were always the same and I got 0.

Is the assumption of this behavior right and is it possible to type in time spent?

Best regards

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