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How to authenticate to a server rtc 3.0

Bartosz Zaleski (111) | asked Apr 17 '11, 8:03 a.m.

I'm a part of a grouo creating netbeans plugin for rtc 3.0. I have to add new types of authentication to a server - smart card and ssl certificate. The problem is that, in order to login to a repository I need to register LoginHandler, where LoginInfo is necessary. In RTC Java API there are some LoginInfo's coresponding to those types of login, but I don't really know how to get them as they are not available.

There is some interface (ConfigurationElement) that has a method which could be usefull createExecutableExtension, but again I don't know how to get it. The getClientLibrary of ITeamRepository doesn't work either.

If anyone could help, I would be grateful, as I spent hours looking for some sollution.

Thank you,

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