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Changesets in feeds & feed filtering

Caspar Krieger (611) | asked Dec 15 '10, 7:21 p.m.
For some reason, delivered change sets aren't showing up in the Team Events feed (in the RTC eclipse plugin). This applies to all users I've checked (myself and one other).

The feed I am using to test is

I have created a feed which does show delivered change sets based on a post in these forums:
but unfortunately it shows delivered change sets for other RTC projects as well. Logging in with my username & password doesn't change this.

I have the timeline set to show everything from Approvals through to Work Items (specifically including Source Control Changes, Components & Streams), and don't have any filters applied, though for some reason the "Exclude Modified by Me" checkbox doesn't exclude events modified by me.

I don't have direct control over the RTC server so I can't directly check or modify configuration settings of the server (though I could probably request certain things to be checked or certain changes to be made).

Can anyone tell me why Change Sets aren't showing up in the team feed as expected, how to filter the ChangeSet feed I stumbled upon to only show ChangeSets for my project, and/or how to make the "Exclude Modified by Me" filter actually take effect?

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CoachJoaquin Whaley (6) | answered Dec 15 '10, 11:51 p.m.
Thanks for sharing

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Caspar Krieger (611) | answered Dec 17 '10, 3:08 a.m.

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