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OSLC CM phrase search problem

Alex Matei (155) | asked Oct 27 '10, 10:44 a.m.
It seems that I can do a phrase search using the RTC Web UI by surrounding the phrase words with double quotes.

But, I am not able to do a phrase search with Resource Oriented Work Item API (OSLC CM).
The document "Change Management Query Syntax"
(, under "Query Syntax", "BNF", does not show the definition of "phrase".
It defines "string" which works fine with the "fulltext":
oslc_cm.query=oslc_cm:searchTerms="word1 word2 word3"
The definitions of "term" and "fulltext" do not show a way to do a phrase query.
Does OSLC CM support phrase search? If it does, how does it work?

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