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RTC Description and line break

Cengizhan Onat (1621) | asked Aug 11 '10, 10:17 a.m.
Hello everybody,

I would like to have a line break in my description.
Why ?
Sometimes it is necessary that we insert some information in this field which was separately displayed.

When I create a query with column description then I receive a compact/pressed text.
I know that this field is a set as rhich field.
Sometimes it is very helpful when we can mark the text bold or underlined necessary informations...

for importen things....

If every one knows if this field will change in HTML or other format for using Text bold, underline, etc....and link breaks with the next releases ?

Thanks in advance.

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Nate Decker (37812858) | answered Sep 13 '13, 5:44 p.m.
If you are talking about RTC, the current version allows you to specify a field as an "HTML" type. This type of attribute will support formatting like bold, italics, line breaks, etc...

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Cengizhan Onat (1621) | answered Sep 17 '13, 6:37 a.m.
Yes I mean RTC, but the client doesn't support a editor tool, with WIN shortcuts works.

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