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Adding a binary file using Java API

K M (38324649) | asked Jul 21 '10, 9:27 a.m.
I have an example of adding a text file

VersionedContentManagerByteArrayInputStreamPovider inputStream = new VersionedContentManagerByteArrayInputStreamPovider("hello".getBytes());

IFileContent storedContent = contentManager.storeContent(IFileContent.ENCODING_US_ASCII,FileLineDelimiter.LINE_DELIMITER_PLATFORM, inputStream, null, MONITOR);

Does anybody have an example of adding a binary file????

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K M (38324649) | answered Jul 22 '10, 12:35 p.m.
StringBuffer tmp_buf = new StringBuffer("");

VersionedContentManagerByteArrayInputStreamPovider inputStream =
new VersionedContentManagerByteArrayInputStreamPovider

IFileContent storedContent = contentManager.storeContent
,FileLineDelimiter.LINE_DELIMITER_NONE, inputStream, null, MONITOR);

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K M (38324649) | answered Jul 22 '10, 2:38 p.m.
There must be a better way??

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K M (38324649) | answered Jul 23 '10, 10:15 a.m.
fileStream = new FileInputStream(filename);
final DisposableInputStreamProvider isProvider = TemporaryOutputStream.createLocalBuffer(fileStream,MONITOR);
IFileContent storedContent = contentManager.storeContent(IFileContent.ENCODING_UTF_8,FileLineDelimiter.LINE_DELIMITER_NONE,
new AbstractVersionedContentManagerInputStreamProvider() {
public void dispose() throws IOException,
TeamRepositoryException {

public InputStream getInputStream(int flags)
throws IOException, TeamRepositoryException {
//it's ok to pass in null, we know the content is cached on local disk
return isProvider.getInputStream(null);

public InputStream wrapInputStream(InputStream in)
throws IOException, TeamRepositoryException {
return in;

, null, MONITOR);

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