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Problem in updating record information via OSLC services

Deepak Arora (111) | asked Apr 14 '11, 9:16 a.m.

I'm developing a small project to know about features of OSLC package. I'm using OSLC package 2.0 and using c# language for development.

i'm facing a problem in updating the record information. When ever i try to update the record information i get status code (409): conflict error message. It does not tell me about the exact error.

The url that i use to update the record is:

I get the record information as xml, update the title field and send it back via OSLC.

Before updating the record i'm getting the Etag value and providing the same Etag value and using the PUT method.

Please help me to know the problem or how can see the exact error message

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