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Auto Resolve Problems

David Rostocil (911410) | asked Jun 22 '10, 9:10 a.m.
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I am working on a tool that will automate merging between two streams. As part of this I would like to have the option to allow for conflicts that are 'auto resolvable' to be resolved without user intervention. I have been working with the IAutoResolveConflictsOperation which should be the proper operation for handling this task. In my testing I have come across a conflict that is of the kind ILogicalChange.CONFLICTED_CHANGE that my code is unable to resolve. However, if I use the 'Auto Resolve' command from the pending changes view it is able to resolve the conflict. I have done some debugging and it seems that everything is in order up until a call to getAffectedCFA(), or affected copy file area. That method returns an empty list for my conflict and nothing is resolved. Am I missing an initialization step? Do I need to set up a copy file area? How would I go about doing that? In more general terms, how can I fully replicate the 'Auto Resolve' command?

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Erik anderson (38315029) | answered Jun 29 '10, 7:54 a.m.
Any advice out there? We do this (programmatic auto merge of streams) routinely using ClearCase.

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Evan Hughes (2.4k1318) | answered Jun 13 '11, 11:01 a.m.
This is probably way too late to be useful, but I would suggest avoiding the programming APIs as much as possible and using higher level interfaces, like the command line.

If there are limitations that prevent the use of the command line, I'd rather see those addressed than users digging into APIs.


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