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Restricted User Views

Marco Bormann (1611910) | asked Jun 02 '10, 6:07 a.m.
My project manager wants client-users to connect to a project, to be able to create bug, but not to be able to see how much time we spend resolving them and stuff like that.
Since there is possibility of a restricted view of work items in RTC 2.0 I had the following idea for a plug-in. For a Role named "Client" I block out the option of running each query, that does not have "Client" in its name. So he can only see what we want him to see. To restrict the attributes I want to defer the presentation of a work item to a default ClientView presentation that shows less options.

Does anyone have a comment or a criticism on this idea. Are there still loopholes I did not see? Is it doable?

Thanks for your comments

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