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Legacy review process RAM 7.2

Abhinav Ajmera (22113020) | asked May 18 '10, 2:30 a.m.
Is there any place where I can find standard JAR file for Legacy review process (used in ram 7.1 and earlier - with option of assigning review board member) to use in 7.2 as Legacy Review Extensions.

Also I have tried to achieve this using lifecycle available in 7.2. But facing two problems whit that :
1) I am unable to give constraint to reviewer (for example different review board member for different category).
2) Community administrator is also able to approve the asset, inspite of the fact that i have not set him/her as review board member (I want only Review Board Member should be able to approve the asset).

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Rich Kulp (3.6k38) | answered May 18 '10, 10:23 a.m.
Legacy review processes are no longer encouraged. Support for them will
be to only maintain their current function. No new enhancements will be
done. Because of this the creation of new legacy review processes has
been disabled. Only existing ones will continue to work.

You should use the newer Lifecycles instead. The Standard lifecycle has
the same states as the old legacy review process. And from there Review
board and Reviewers can be assigned.

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Abhinav Ajmera (22113020) | answered May 28 '10, 8:45 a.m.
So Is there a way to achieve below things with newer Lifecycles (standard).

1) Restrict community administrator to approve the asset, only Review Board Member should be able to approve the asset.

2) To have different review board member assigned based on different organizations (defined in category for each asset). I just see AND / OR functionality in defined lifecycle. But to acheive my requirement if/else will be needed.

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Kevin Bauer (34621) | answered May 28 '10, 9:53 a.m.
So terminology has changed a bit in the Lifecycle.

There is a Lifecycle Manager which is equivalent to a Review Board Member in the Legacy review process.

At any point a Lifecycle Manager may update the configuration of an asset's Lifecycle (who can review, approval criteria, which policies run etc).

On any state in the lifecycle you may add any user or user group as a reviewer in that state. On a specific action you may add exit conditions that include X number of reviewers must approve or user Y must apporve etc.

a) This could be configured manually by a lifecycle admin prior to entering a review state. (the bad - this would require a lot of manual effort as each asset would be gated by a manager to initiate approval)

b) This could be pre-configured statically as a separate lifecycle for each of your different organizations and triggered based on a category when submitted. (This would work if you have a small number of organizations).

c) A policy could be used to configure the lifecycle based on some rules provided to the policy (we do have some built in polices that can help assign owner, lifecycle manager or reviewer based on set attributes).

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