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Rational Asset Manager Installation on AIX 6.1

Ved Prakash (41129) | asked Apr 29 '10, 5:59 p.m.
I am using Installation Manager 1.3.4 to install Rational Asset Manager 7.2 on AIX 6.1 and I am stuck at a point where I should be allowed to make a choice whether I want to deploy embedded WAS or my own standalone WAS, which is installed on the same server (AIX) where I am trying to install RAM.

The issue is that I cannot chose as the drop down is disabled (greyed out). So in nut shell in order to proceed with the install I have to go with the embedded WAS which is not acceptable to us.

2 weeks ago I installed on another server (LINUX) in the same way as I am doing now and I did get an option to select (from drop down) the existing WAS instead of embedded WAS.

Does any one has experience with this kind of issue and any resolution/suggestion? I tried lots of option myself and included few of my experienced colleagues including IBM Rational Support. The issue is not yet resolved. We are running out of time.

Any help appreciated.


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