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Improving usefulness of community home page

Bob Newman (1123) | asked Aug 25 '10, 3:14 p.m.
Has any thought been given to improving the usefulness of the community home page? They are not used as much as they could be today because you go there, find some information, and that's really can't do anything else without mavigating away from it. Our thinking is the community page would be much more useful is it was easier to get from there to other RAM functions users frequently take advantage of.

How about if the RAM main page had a user customizable frame to show home pages for user selectable watched communities? One could see the community page information, but also have ready access to Search, Adv. search, Submit....etc....all of the useful functions available on the RAM main page.

or alternatively:

Could the community page be enhanced to have the buttons for commonly used functions and perhaps selected main page frames appear on the community page?

Bob N

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Matt Vestal (5131) | answered Sep 10 '10, 11:11 a.m.
We continue to look for ways to improve the usefulness of the community home page. In 7.5, a viewlet section was added that shows community forums that have been recently active. From your suggestion, you would like a section for launch points (Submit, Search, etc), correct?

Also, in 7.5, we have added support for OpenSocial gadgets on asset pages. We are considering adding this support to the community home pages as well. Is this functionality you would use?

The team welcomes any other thoughts and suggestions you have on enhancing the community home pages.

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Bob Newman (1123) | answered Sep 23 '10, 9:24 a.m.
Yes Matt, Exactly. The idea is to have launch points available right from the community home page. One step better would be if the launch points pre-filtered for the community. Example use cases: Executing a Search launch automatically shows results of an asset search with filter=<community> . Submit launch automatically populates the Community field on the new asset page with <community>. The idea is to have launches from the community page more tightly coupled to the community than a launch performed from the default RAM home page.

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