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dashboard template questions

Craig Lawton (2121) | asked Feb 08 '08, 9:36 a.m.
My questions are:
1) Can dashboard templates be set based on role? I see that there is a type field, but I am looking for a more granular setting.

2) Can templates be merged (aggregated), such as when two or more products are deployed into the same Jazz system?

3) Is the template title the only identifying attribute?

4) Where can I find all the options for defining templates?


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Dejan Glozic (51) | answered Feb 12 '08, 11:42 a.m.
1) This is the plan but I checked the code and it is currently not implemented yet :oops: The idea is to use contributor type template and associate it with a role with an additional attribute. It may come in M5 (need to check the plan).

2) I am not sure what it means when it comes to dashboards - you can define your dashboard templates for project and team areas.

3) Yes - we don't reference templates in any way, just look for the best match, so we don't need a unique identifier.

4) We didn't document this yet but you can look into the plug-in and look at the 'templates' extension point schema. You can define templates as extensions as well as in the process area (we did this so that we can have a fall-back templates if they are not defined in the process). The extension point and process schemas are essentially identical. If you want the proof, check the process schema in

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