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Ask a question client on zOS fetches files okay, but are not tagged

Rick Patterson (4048) | asked Mar 10 '10, 11:27 a.m.

We have an RTC server on Windows. We are using the commandline (java) client (from the package on various UNIXes, including aix, hpuix, linuxi386, linuxppc, solaris, zlinux and zOS. This client comes with a buikltin Java for linux i386, buy we modify the to point to a different JRE for each different UNIX, and then the commandline clients works fine on all of these UNIXes.

When running on zOS, the commandline client fetches the files in ASCII, but does not tag them as ASCII, thus they cannot be read since without a zOS ASCII file tag, they are assumed to be EBCDIC.

How could we get this to occur?

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