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ETM Run Offline Tool Test Suite uncontrolled Test Case order

James Bradshaw (234) | asked Apr 03, 8:15 a.m.
edited Apr 03, 8:17 a.m.
To Recreate: Create a Test Suite containing 4-8 Test Cases. 
1. On  Test Suite select Run offline
2. Download and save the resulting rqms file where you are working
3. Open a new Excel file
4. In excel run the ETM add-in 'Import for offline'

Expected result:
The Excel File generated should reflect or indicate to the "Execution Order" defined in the Test Suite Section "Test Cases".

Observed behaviour:
Excel will create a WorkBook containing a WorkSheet for; the Test Suite, each Test Case, Images and, Tables. On the Test Suite WorkSheet the Test Cases are listed in numbered Steps that don't reflect the "Execution Order" at all. The Test Case WorkSheets appear across the bottom of the WorkBook in an order unrelated to "Execution Order". The order is not related to order of "Created On" or "Last Modified", it appears to be random, but consistent. 

Issue: How does a Test Lead set up a Test Suite so the when it is run offline the Test Case order is communicated? 

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