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How to query undelivered RM ChangeSets

Jean-Fran├žois CHAPELLE (5412) | asked Mar 05, 8:00 a.m.
Dear All,

We are using JAZZ 7.0.2 with global configurations. These global configurations mainly consist of RM streams.

Each user has the possibility of creating their "GC Personal Stream", especially when they create an RM ChangeSet to modify the content of a module.

Our question is:

- Is it possible to create a report or query that would list all the undelivered ChangeSets of one or more users.
- This report or query would identify all "Personal Streams" contained in a project and for each of them, list the existing Change Sets

For such a need?

Because our configuration manager wants to know the status of work in progress on the RM modules and identify ChangeSets not delivered (therefore potentially useless or forgotten...).

Thank you for your help.


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