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Unexpected error with the ILoadOperation while loading a component to sandbox using Java API

Madhusudhan Acharya (132) | asked Oct 13 '23, 10:40 a.m.

We are facing an issue with the automation

We have two ewm workspaces. WorkspaceA and WorkspaceB

In WorkspaceA, we have created the java project to load a EWM component to the sandbox.

In WorkspaceB, we have created the Repository workspace where the EWM component should be loaded upon running the above java project.

Below is the api. 

ILoadOperation loadOperation = rule.getLoadOp(sandbox,component, loadDilemmaHandler, monitor);;    

WorkspaceB is closed. And java project is run from WorkspaceA. Everything works fine.

But we are facing an issue in below scenarios: 

Scenario 1:

When we created a jar file from the java project and try to run it as a standalone automation. WorkspaceB is open and active.


Unable to lock file C:\workspace\ACHARYM.jazz5.jazzlock

Scenario 2:

When we create everything in the same EWM workspace(Instead of WorkspaceA and WorkspaceB), it gives an error.


Unable to lock file C:\workspace\ACHARYM.jazz5.jazzlock

It looks like, when we have the EWM workspace where we want to load the component is open and active, then we get the error.

Any suggestion on how it can be fixed?

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