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RTC Access API - Python

Parthiban SG (153) | asked May 19 '20, 9:42 a.m.

 I am investigating if we can use IBM RTC API to create workitem, get workitem, etc using python scripting. I came across python library "rtcclient" which can achieve the required tasks however I am unable to use it since I get error as "SSLV3 Handshake Error" during the rtcclient call. I receive the same error even with requests.get function as well

requests.exceptions.SSLError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=9443): Max retries exceeded with url: /jazz/authenticated/identity (Caused by SSLError(SSLError(1, u'[SSL: SSLV3_ALERT_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE] sslv3 alert handshake failure (_ssl.c:726)'),))

I am able to retrieve the same details via cURL command however python still throws error. Below are my version details

IBM RTC CLM: 6.0.2
Python: 3.7.6

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Ian Barnard (1.5k613) | answered May 22 '20, 6:14 a.m.
edited May 22 '20, 6:22 a.m.
There are some ideas about resolving a similar error (which is about Python requests making an SSL connection, not about Jazz, as you demonstrate by curl working with your 6.0.2) here:

I'm not sure what SSL/TLS versions the JRE in 6.0.2 offers - it's very old so quite possibly not the latest TLS1.3
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