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How to resolve "Engine not found for Team Absences" Error when trying to add a report resource in RTC?

Amer Al (131) | asked Aug 31 '22, 4:22 p.m.


I have been trying to add "Team Absences" custom report to RTC using web client (not eclipse). The way I attempted to add the report is by downloading it from JAZZ's reports central and then upload it to reports > report resources > create resource in RTC. After I fill the resource information, upload the report file (Team Absences.rptdesign), and click on save, I get an error message saying "Engine not found for Team Absences". I was hoping that someone here would know how to resolve this error and complete the setup of adding the report using webclient.

I am using RTC version 7.0.2 and the link to the downloadable report is this:

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Ralph Schoon (62.9k33645) | answered Sep 12 '22, 4:27 a.m.

 These reports were created for RTC 2.0 and they also require BIRT to run - see the description. I cite:

Unless otherwise noted, you'll need Rational Team Concert 2.0, Standard or Enterprise edition, to run these reports. If you plan to modify or edit these reports, you'll need to install the BIRT tooling and its dependencies into your RTC 2.0 client installation. Instructions for doing so are here, in the prerequisites section.

There are several links to pages explaining how to install the reports. I do not know the details, but you should follow the links to understand how to set this up.

Finally the reports are provided as is, no support. I do not know if they are expected to still run with 7.0.2. 

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