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RTC - Workitem

Vani B (1391272) | asked Jun 21 '22, 11:42 a.m.

 A Work Item can be closed with the one or more approval as "Rejected". Ideally this should not be allowed, and this is not the correct closing of a Work Item. I tried customizing Pre-Conditions with Project Admin role, but there is no way to address this. Please help with any such precondition with jazz admin role.

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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered Jun 22 '22, 2:13 a.m.
First, I would kindly ask for a reasonable informative subject for the question. "RTC - Workitem" is not reasonably informative.

The question itself is also quite rudimentary and leaves a lot of room for interpretation, pretty much to the point where trying to answer makes few sense. Here my thoughts anyway:

Approvals are, as far as I can tell, pretty much disconnected from the work item work flow. The only connection is that EWM can be configured that a state change occurs when approval change the cumulative state.

Workflow states can have a resolution. The available resolutions are defined in the workflow. There is no semantic that ties resolutions to any rules. So from a tools perspective closing a work item and picking any resolution is fine and there are no built in checks for resolution values and other work item characteristics.

I have not tried if it would be possible to use validators or conditions with the resolution. With respect to approvals, there is no way to access them in simple validators or conditions since, as far as I am aware, they are not available in the JavaScript API.

The Project Admin or JazzAdmin or whatever Role has nothing to do with any of the topics above.

It is possible to create Java based validators and conditions as extensions. As a better alternative it is also possible to create custom preconditions/advisors that can check a work item and prevent it to be saved if the semantic should prevent the save. I have created such custom extensions in the past and there are examples and how to's and API examples on my blog

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