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DOORS 9.7 and RPE 7.0 create DOORS not working popup when exporting OLE files to Word.

Michael Sweger (112) | asked Feb 27 '22, 9:06 a.m.
edited Feb 27 '22, 9:08 a.m.


I have DOORS v9.7.0 and RPE Launch/Studio v7.0.0.  I've inserted an OLE Word file that has a  smartgraphic of the organizational chart that is used to show the functional decomposition of a software design. The image of the org chart appears at it would normally appear on a Word doc page in the DOORS object cell. Problem 1: The DOORS has a greyed percent scale box that I can't enter a value so that the image in the DOORS Object Text will scale down to fit but when the DOORS OLE Word file is exported to an RTF it will be scaled back to appear normal so that I can use Words smartgraphic feature to edit the org chart.

Although I can export the DOORS module with the embedded OLE Word file and click on it when using DOORS save to RTF, the problem is when exporting via RPE. Setting the Metadata – > OLE as static images = false and using the builtin .dot template as explained per  it causes DOORS to popup a message saying it has to close along with RPE.   DOORS and RPE run on Citrix in the Amazon cloud. Currently RPE specification is set to write the exported Word file to my networked laptop drive.  I've also created the C:\Attachments on the citrix server where DOORS is installed, and on my laptop. In either case, it still crashes and these directories are empty because the RPE launch didn't get that far into executing my template specified in the dsx spec. This template works when the metadata value is "true". 

I also tried info in this link, but don't have RQM

Since I start DOORS before RPE, citrix Active Directory will use my login username/password to login to DOORS and RPE, thus my specification and template don't specify a username/password. Note: I assume these are the qmuser and qmpassword values specified by the above web post.  I also assume all the jar files mentioned apply only to RQM/Nexgen and not to my DOORS and RPE version.  As for the path variable "attachmentsPath", I assume it was defaulted to "C:\Attachments" where DOORS is currently installed on citrix. If not, I don't know if this can be set to the network drive pointing to my laptop disk instead. I also defined this variable in the RPE Studio/Launch preferences too and and both DOORS and RPE stopped working too.

Is there anything I've not done right, and is there a log somewhere that will give more detail why its crashing my DOORS and RPE instances ie. log file?

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