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Is it possible that report in Report Builder can be deleted by itself ? (ELM 7.0.2 iFix009)

Derm Phongninlaarphon (151) | asked Feb 10 '22, 2:47 a.m.

My user told me that his report is disappeared and when I check, it's deleted already.

I can't restore because it was removed on 18 Jan (His Power BI history can't connect to this report on 18 Jan)

He just realized on 8 Feb.

Does this issue have anything to do with Power BI or it is an ELM defect?

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David Honey (1.2k17) | answered Feb 10 '22, 4:41 a.m.

That seems highly unlikely. I have never heard of any other customers reporting such behavior. More likely is that user or some other user deleted the report. I have no idea what Power BI is, so cannot comment. Before submitting a defect, the submitter needs to provide some factual evidence of the issue, and ideally, steps to reproduce it. A defect that has neither factual evidence nor provides some means for development to reproduce is likely to just be closed as "cannot reproduce" as there is nothing that development can use for investigation. I suggest you look at rs.log covering the period 28th Jan to 8th Feb to see if there is anything that seems relevant. If there is, then contact IBM Rational technical support.

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