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RQMExcelWordImport-Tool does not upload excel content for attribute with type MEDIUM_STRING / how to solve?

Thomas Geib (112) | asked Jan 11 '22, 1:48 a.m.


We encounter problems uploading excel test cases into RQM/ETM when using tc attributes of type MEDIUM_STRING as follows:

==> behavior: excel add-in 
  • shows no errors,
  • test case and other attributes are uploaded correctly
  • but content of MEDIUM_STRING attribute is not uploaded

Upload in general works fine for testcases, testplans, requirement links

What is going wrong? Did someone encounter same problems with MEDIUM_STRING attributes?

Please help, thanks!

- RQM iFix018 & ETM-Extras-ETMExcelWordImporter-7.0.2 (ETMExcelImporterSetupForDotNET45.msi)
- ETM 7.0.2 iFix005 & RQM-Extras-RQMExcelWordImporter- (ETMExcelImporterSetupForDotNET45.msi)

Example config file:
// test cases

// the following does not work for MEDIUM_STRING. (default small string working). Value of attribute in Q1 (column name, e.g. "TestMediumAttrib") 

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Thomas Geib (112) | answered Jan 11 '22, 4:11 a.m.

 Hint: When we export to xml-file instead if repository, the xml always says: attribute type="SMALL_STRING", even when config file has type="MEDIUM_STRING" for an attribute

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