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[Reporting] How to calculate the days spent between 2 states for a workitem

Chandan M B (952561) | asked Dec 03 '21, 7:11 a.m.


I am using CLM 7.0.2 and report builder with data sources as data warehouse
I want to to calculate the days spent for a particular workitem in different states starting from New to Closed
For Eg : 
   New -> In Progress --- Expected Result something like 5 days
   In-Progress -> Closed  --- Expected Result something like 3 days
   Total days for Closure -- 8 days

Any solution / leads here ?


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David Honey (7606) | answered Dec 03 '21, 9:24 a.m.
I don't think this is possible in Report Builder/LQE. LQE indexes the current state of each tracked resource. For work items, that data will be whatever RDF data EWM publishes. Looking at an example work item, I can see properties like dcterms:created or oslc_cm:closeDate but I don't see any historical data.

There are metrics jobs that run in LQE that gather statistics about resources, such as work items, but these aggregated across work items, not for specific work items.

You can see the history of a work item in EWM, but that data is not exposed to LQE/JRS.

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David Honey (7606) | answered Dec 03 '21, 9:26 a.m.

While my previous comments referenced LQE, I believe it's the same situation for Data Warehouse. The ETL jobs that run in DCC populate current data, and there are metrics jobs that aggregate across all works items.

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