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Fetching History of Test Plan using Reportable REST Api in ETM

Rajat Krishnan (72122) | asked Dec 02 '21, 5:48 a.m.
I am trying to fetch history of test plan , but somehow looks like my url formation is not correct as it gives me Error 404: SRVE0295E: Error reported: 404 ,here is my url formation :

https://<port server>/qm/service/<Project Area Alias>/testplan/<test plan id>?oslc_config.context=<Local Configuration UUID>

Project Area Alias : Electronics_QM
Local Configuration UUID : _HFGEUFFJEIFsdddrA
Please Note : I have Configuration Management (Full) enabled project area and we have multiple number of stream linked with each component

Could anyone please help me with what i am doing wrong?

I saw this example from here :

Thank you

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