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IContributor license assignment

m sawires (1462268) | asked Nov 26 '09, 5:25 p.m.
How can I assign a license programmatically to a newly created contributor?
Thank you for your help.

Accepted answer

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MooR Rathinasamy (412) | answered May 23 '16, 1:06 a.m.

Try this...

LicenseAdminLibrary licenseAdminLibrary = new LicenseAdminLibrary(teamRepository);

licenseAdminLibrary.assignLicense(contributor, licenseId, monitor);

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Darin Swanson (3161) | answered Dec 01 '09, 11:38 a.m.
IContributor newContributor = IContributor.ITEM_TYPE.createItem();
//configure the new contributor
repository.contributorManager().saveContributor(newContributor, null);

See ILicenseAdminService for assigning a license.

Jazz Process Team

"marly" <marly> wrote in message
How can I create a contributor programmatically:
The lContributorManager doesn't have a createContributor API. I can
only get existing users via


Also how can I then assign a license programmatically to a user?

Thank you for your help.

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