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Table is not getting printed with center alignment in Generated report using RPE template with DNG datasource

Prashanth Manohar Gopi (153) | asked May 31 '21, 3:15 a.m.

 Hi All,

I have made the alignment of the table center in DNG, but in generated RPE report the table is getting printed with left alignment.

Kindly help me to align the table in center.

Script Express used for printing non heading as mentioned below:

var match = {};

var patt = /(<table[^>]>(<caption[^>]>(?:.|\n)?<\/caption>)?(?:.|\n)?<\/table>)/g;

while (match = patt.exec(div)) {

  var table = match[1];

  var caption = match[2];

  if (caption)


  table = table.replace(caption, "");

  table = '#spcaptionstart:' + caption +  table;

  div = div.replace(match[1], table);




Thanks in Advance.


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