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RQM APIUtility Issue

Daniel Chirillo (315) | asked May 05 '21, 1:14 p.m.
edited May 06 '21, 12:02 p.m.
I'm experiencing the following in a 6.0.6 iFix019 environment:
I'm getting a client with:
APIHttpClient client = APIHttpClientFactory.getGenericClient(new URL(url), USER, PASSWORD);

The behavior
- login() returns 200
- The first sign of trouble:  when FeedReader.getIds() is invoked, JazzHttpClient.checkForRelogin() checks the authentication header, which is equal to HTTP_HEADER_VALUE_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED, and another login is forced, which returns 200.
- Even though we seem to be authenticated, the XML returned by FeedReader.getIds() is not the XML of the feed, but the xhtml that is returned when you're not authenticated.

I experience this behavior only in my client's environment, not on my own server.  Aside from there being multiple QM servers in their deployment, the only other variable I can think of is that their deployment requires TLSv1.2, which I've forced the APIUtility to use by setting overrideProtocol to "TLSv1.2" in SSLContextUtil. 

I don't have this issue with RQMRestClient in the CopyUtility.

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Daniel Chirillo (315) | answered May 06 '21, 2:23 p.m.

Setting this cookie policy in the JazzHttpClient constructor seems to have resolved/worked around the symptom:

String cookiePolicy = CookiePolicy.BROWSER_COMPATIBILITY;

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