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OSLC - Doors Next creating Artifacts and adding them to a module

Andy Dennis (114) | asked Nov 05 '20, 3:57 p.m.


I've successfully created Artifacts and modules but am having problems trying to add the created artifact to a module.  I've looked at the module api, but I don't see where that comes in.  Is there a different CreationFactory I should be using?

You need to create an artifact to get the resourceUri to add it to the uses @resource attribute.  However, what do you do about the parent?  

My projects are set up to save base artifacts in a given folder, so does my client need to be aware of that?

Are you creating the base artifacts when you do this and does Doors create an instance if that module with its own resource url when you add the uses tag to the module rdf for the update?  I notice that the artifacts that already exist in the module have ids that are prefixed with "MB_".

I can update the description of the module successfully but adding the uses tag refering to the new module causes a "bad request" error.

Lots of questions, but I'm close to doing what I need to do - adding artifacts to the module is the remaining task for me to figure out.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


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Andy Dennis (114) | answered Nov 05 '20, 4:16 p.m.

 Ok, I've figured it out after looking through the docs more closely at

I didn't notice the different header
 Header Name Value
 DoorsRP-Request-Type    Public 2.0

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Andy Dennis (114) | answered Nov 05 '20, 5:31 p.m.


Another question...

Out of the following binding, what do you need to provide?  All of it or just the boundArtifact assuming that the rest would be filled in by the server?

                    <rm_modules:Binding rdf:about="">
                        <oslc_config:component rdf:resource=""/>
                        <rm_modules:boundArtifact rdf:resource=""/>
                        <rm_modules:module rdf:resource=""/>
                        <rm_modules:childBindings rdf:resource=""/>

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