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RQM: ERROR: content type text/html; charset=UTF-8 is not supported.

Manjula Venkatesh (111) | asked Oct 12 '20, 2:55 a.m.
Hello,  We are using RQM-V6.0.6.1 and have developed a REST API in perl and use command line scripts to execute test cases. I have been getting the ERROR:content type text/html; charset=UTF-8 is not supported in the output file after execution. I was told by our internal support team that the POST method is wrongly used and hence this error.

the request made to the server is of the format:
Request($method, $uri [, $body_content, $options ] );

and in my code: RQM_library::Request( 'POST', "$host_context_g/j_security_check", "j_username=$username&j_password=$password", { "Content-Type" => "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8" } );

 1. Is this the right way? Should we specify the content type and Content or are these optional?

2. While decoding I also realized that the test scripts and test data linked to the test case are not fetched at all because of this error. Please support

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Subhajit Bhuiya (6222) | answered Nov 24 '20, 12:28 a.m.

 Use ETM URL Utility to make GET, PUT, POST call

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