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How to put data into actual results using JavaScript ?

pavan kumar (135) | asked Oct 04 '20, 6:43 a.m.

 Hey all 

i was trying to automate the process of populating the actual results automatically by reading expected results for each step and then do some modification with that text (for ex. should be -->is being) and then putting it into actual result tab 
the problem i am getting is that i can not get the id for textbox and if i am writing text somehow using class name then it is disappearing after reload..can anyone please help if at all possible  

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Karthik Sirimulla (1811) | answered Oct 06 '20, 12:55 a.m.

 Hi Pavan,

The data is lost when you edit the page and reload before saving the page.

For the data to be retained, please save the page after your edits so that the data is saved in the database and reloading the page will retain all your data.


pavan kumar commented Oct 10 '20, 1:11 a.m.

thanks for you answer 

the problem is i can't access  that textbox of actual results from the code 
the document for actual results is different and writing to this document is only writing on kind of surface and hence when you make it pass or fail by clicking button , it is not showing any text over there 
saving page ? it is not working  

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