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Is it possible to restrict customization to only a subset of value sets?

Carlos Isacovich (266) | asked Sep 23 '20, 11:28 a.m.
I have the following configuration, using CLM 6.0.2:
* One process area for the Corporate process definition.
* Several process areas, one for each company, using that process, but with several enumeration lists and value sets customized for each one.
Really, as the process evolve, appear new enumerations, calculated values, conditions, etc. But, since the Attributes Personalization is customized for the companies' process areas, new configurations for this objects don't appear in these areas, forcing to redefine then in each one.
So, the question is: is there any way to get new objects defined in the common process area automatically propagated to the children areas?

We are now but migrating to 7.0.1, so, if there is any solution for 7.0.1 that doesn't work for 6.0.2 it is OK.

Carlos Isacovich commented Sep 23 '20, 12:32 p.m.

More precisions:

  • I make a mistake writing “process area” instead of “project area”.
  • Corporate project area sets as “Final” configurations for Types and attributes, presentations, workflows, etc.
  • Customizations in children areas are used only for a few Enumerations and Value sets,but most of them are still common to all areas.
  • Modifying any object marked as Final in the Corporate project area is applied automatically to all companies’ project areas.
  • The problem arose modifying and/or creating new Enumerations or Attributes customizations in the Corporate project area, which are not reflected in the children areas.

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