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How to export nested global and local configurations to a word or pdf file?

Jens Gottschalk (11) | asked Mar 23, 8:36 a.m.


is there any possibility to export a global configuration to a word or pdf document? Especially if nested global and local configurations are used.

For example

(Root) Global Configuration
1. Global Configuration
1.1. Local Configuration
1.2. Global Configuration
1.2.1. Local Configuration
1.2.2. Local Configuration
2. Global Configuration
2.1. Global Configuration
2.1.1. Local Configuration
3. Local Configuration

All Local configurations consist of DNG streams/baselines, which in turn contain only one single module.

Since the configurations are used in different global configurations, no chapter number shall be used to sort configurations, but the original structure shall be used in the word or pdf file.

Does anyone have a solution?

We are using version 6.0.6

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