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Quick Planner: Filter items by state and show them in ranking order in columns by tag

Daniel Llin Ferrero (31139) | asked Jan 17 '20, 9:06 a.m.

 Hi, I'm struggling with the quick planner. (RTC

What I basically want to do: Define multiple columns by tags, filter items by status and "planned for", and show the items by their ranking. The user must be able to move items from one column to another one (with RTC automatically removing and adding tags accordingly). Ideally, the user should also be able to use that quick planner view for ranking items.

Use case behind: We want to model "sub-states" to certain states in RTC by the use of tags. One quick planner board could be used to drill down into a certain state's "sub-states".

My problem: When using the "plan board", I cannot filter for states. The generic filter field allows to filter for all kind of attributes but not the state. When using the "work board", I can filter for states in a special "state-filter-widget" but not show the items in their ranking order.

How can I have both? Ranked items and the content filtered by state? (And placed the items in multiple columns by tag?) 

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