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Permissions for Creating Artifact Templates Do Not Seem to Match Documentation?

Mary Miller (875) | asked Oct 07 '19, 12:42 p.m.

Good day,

I am working on some instructional content.  One of the things we discovered is that the documentation says that only Project Administrators can create Module Templates (an Artifact Template) per this instruction in DOORS NG 6.0.6 (also applicable in DOORS NG 5):  


Creating module templates

You can create a module template from an existing module. Module templates offer an easy way to reuse structure and content as a basis for new modules. When you create a module template, you have options to create copies of the headings and other artifacts from the source module, or reuse and share the source content in the new module.

Before you begin

You must have project administrator permissions to creattemplates.

NOTE:  I am using a out of the box template for testing this out.  In addition, the user who tested this does NOT have Administrator role.  He only had Author role.  In addition, his account is a JazzUsers account.

However, I just had someone (who only has Author permissions) create an Artifact Template.  However, he was not able to edit the template after he created it.

The 2nd part that is interesting is that if I check the permissions, it says that Author has permission to Create Artifact Template.  The permissions also indicate that the Author has modify permissions for the Artifact Template.
I verified this against a custom project template as well as the out of the box templates for testers and traditional project templates.

I am not sure why the documentation says one thing, but functionality shows something different.  I am also not sure why Author has permissions to modify an Artifact Template, but cannot modify the template.

Is the documentation considered inaccurate or is this a bug?  As far as the Author having permissions to modify an Artifact Template (per the out of the box project template), what I am missing?



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Sean F (1.1k12237) | answered Oct 08 '19, 2:11 p.m.

Hi Mary,

Not sure if you are aware but Module Templates and Artifact Templates are quite different.

The interface treats them as if they are the same thing and conceptually interchangeable but the implementation of each is quite different.

If you create a regular artifact template then the template definition, with its content, exists separately in the template repository. If you created the artifact template based on an existing artifact then the template definition is separate to the original artifact. If you make subsequent changes to the original artifact this has no effect on the artifact template.

However with module templates the definition of the template is simply a dynamic reference to the module on which the 'module template' was created from. Consequently for module templates if you modify the original module on which your 'module template' was based then any future modules created from that template will also contain those changes made to the source module even after the module template was created.

Might be worth bearing this significant implementation difference in mind while trying to debug your permissions issues and maybe focus on artifact templates to begin to pin down the issue.

Mary Miller commented Oct 08 '19, 4:12 p.m.

Ok, I was not aware.  Thanks!  It looks like the documentation says that only project owners can create a Artifact Template as well.  However, it is very strange that the documentation doesn’t match the functionality for either case. 

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