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Report Builder Calculated Value Column - Sum Total

Bob 3 (1481866) | asked Jul 31 '19, 3:36 p.m.

I have prepared a Report Builder 6.0.6 iFix009 report that lists all the QM test case execution total run times. I need to sum all of them and show a total run time of each of the individual total run times. When I add a calculated value column in Report Builder, the sums appear in a new column to the right. 

What I really need is for the sum to be below the Total Run Time column. 
Is this possible with Report Builder?

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Bob 3 (1481866) | answered Aug 05 '19, 9:28 p.m.

With the help of IBM support, I have solved this by using the following approach:

  1. As compared to my original screen capture, I removed the third column
  2. I added a calculated value on the Total Run time column with syntax SUM($QM Test Result:Total Run Time$)/60000
    Note that the division by 60000 is to convert the default units of milliseconds to minutes
  3. Save and run the report

The value "5" is a hyperlink that leads to a drill-down of the individual test case execution records Total Run Time values:

The sum does not appear as a calculated value BELOW the Total Run Time column as I had originally wanted, but my need is met.

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