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How can I query for workitems that have "Approval 1" approved and "Approval 2" rejected?

Timothy Distel (73151) | asked Jul 03 '19, 2:49 p.m.


I am using CLM Suite 6.0.6.

We have a process where work items must have 2 "approvals" prior to resolution. There is a need to find workitems with the first approval approved and the second rejected. This is identifying work items that need attention.

Even though this seems to be a very simple query, I believe this is a restriction of the tool. If that is the case I'd like to establish the most apt workaround, since our process cannot deviate from at least 2 approvals per work item. We need to identify these work items but there seems to be no way other than manually reconciling two queries executed independently of each other. If this isn't possible is there any other way to include a string, enumeration, date, and user all associated as a single entry on work items in RTC? Can anyone provide insight that may be beneficial? Any help is greatly appreciated

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