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Report Builder custom expression using LQE Examples

Richard Good (872860) | asked May 30 '19, 10:04 a.m.
edited May 30 '19, 10:07 a.m.


I'm struggling to create what would be very simple in code with SPARQL  (I imagine) and this custom expression editor.

What I want to do is translate a status attribute on child tasks into a percentage complete value, so I have a Status attribute with values of say, Open =0%, In Work= 20%, In Review=80% and Closed = 100%

So I can grab the status
Then I want to translate that to the percentage equivalent and average it, the logic is something like the following

if($Task:Status$="Open") $statusVal = 0
elseif($Task:Status$="In Work")$statusVal = 20
elseif($Task:Status$="In Work")$statusVal = 80
elseif($Task:Status$="In Work")$statusVal = 100

Anyone have any clue how to do this in SPARQL?
I have had a look at the specification, but don't really want to read a massive document

This is to give metrics on projects where personnel don't fill in how much time they spend on a task, it will gives a rough progress estimate

Thanks for any help


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Richard Good (872860) | answered May 30 '19, 11:21 a.m.
Seems it's a bit like excel, the following was what I needed. Hopefully this will help someone else, this was not obvious to me anyway!

 AVG(if($Task:Status$="New",0,(if($Task:Status$="In Progress", 20,100))))

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