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How to perform a rhapsody model review?

Yavuz Apaydin (212) | asked May 13 '19, 2:04 p.m.


I have been working for several months with AM 6.0.6, RTC 6.0.6 and Rhapsody 8.3.1. Till now could not find any good method or workflow to perform a RMM model review with several reviewers and approver yet.

There are examples to perform a code review with RTC ( e.g. Reviewing code changes with Rational Team Concert, Rational Team Concert Code Review ), but I could not fully apply these workflows to a model review workflow.

This is my imaginable workflow:

  1. Create task to perform changes to RMM model
  2. Make changes to RMM models
  3. Associate change sets to task
  4. Invite several reviewers and an approver to model review by setting up the Approvals page in task
  5. Open change sets from task in Links page
  6. Perform review by identifying and assessing changes of the model

For the last two steps, I am facing the following problems:

  • If I select all change sets from the work item Link page and try to open them, a web page of RMM opens and not the RTC client with a change summary view
  • I can not open a change summary view of all linked change sets at the same time
  • The reviewer can not find the right change sets which are to be reviewed
  • I do not know if I should use a snapshot or a baseline of my personal workspace stream in order to provide a comparison with the change sets

What is your best practice to perform a model review with RTC & RMM?

Any suggestions and ideas are welcome!



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