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Calculated value is not working in the production server project area ?

vinitha dsouza (14719122) | asked Apr 24 '19, 1:22 a.m.
edited Apr 24 '19, 1:53 a.m.
Hello Team
Use Case :
We have written a calculate value script and then configured to the story workitem as wiki type
On clicking on that wiki link in the work item a new dashboard page will open.

(function() {

var WorkItemAttributes =;
dojo.declare("com.PdcWidgetScript", null, {
getValue: function(attribute, workItem, configuration) {
var workitemId = workItem.getValue(WorkItemAttributes.ID);
         if(workitemId == "-1")
return "";
else {
var hardcode = '{{<server path>/ccm/web/projects/';
var finalString = hardcode + workitemId + ' | Fill PDC }}';
return finalString;

Problem :
Above feature is working fine in Test server but the same is not working in production
In production server in few work items wiki link is visible and in few work items wiki link(Fill PDC) is not visible

Please find the attachment for wiki link
Any hints why we have this problem ?

Thank you

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