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Rhapsody : Import CSV Data to Rhapsody with more than one Element Type

Vijayanand Karunanithi (1527) | asked Mar 25 '19, 6:16 a.m.

 Hello Forum,

I am trying to import CSV Data into Rhapsody model using CSV Importer from Rhapsody.

In "Criteria" tab of CSVImporter, there is option to include element type to created the Rhapsody model based that Element type.

In my case, i would like to add more than one Element type as my CSV file hold different element for each column.
And in "Columns" tab of CSVImporter, there is not options to differentiate the "General Attribute" of each Element.
So i am not able to create it.

As a workaround, currently i have created different CSVImporter for each element separately.

Kindly provide your input to resolve the issue.

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Vijayanand Karunanithi (1527) | answered Mar 27 '19, 10:54 a.m.

 The CSV Importer was based on the standard table layout. Unfortunately the UI has not been tidied up to reflect the actual available options for importing CSV. For example - as you've found - you cannot import more than one type even though the UI lets you select it. Similarly other options such as Context Patterns appear in the UI but are not applicable to CSV Importing. We have a work item in the system to update, tidy up and improve the CSV Importer but for now - what you've done is the right way to do it - using multiple sheets

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