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RTC Progress Bar calculation

Bareket Matmon (1716) | asked Feb 27 '19, 3:47 a.m.


I'm writing these questions for the 3rd time, hoping someone could help me with them... :) 

so we wanted to start working with Progress Bar and Load Bar in RTC and there are couple of issue came out: 

(1) I know Progress Bar calculates the progress from WI derived from type 'Task'. does a task WI has to have parent WI from type 'Feature'? or the calculation can be done of each Task WI independently without having any parent? 

(2) How the 'Work Allocation' is related to the Progress Bar calculation? in case I insert zero '0' in the 'Work Allocation' for specific project area, does the progress bar still be calculated? (When I inserted '0', I saw that progress bar took the 'Remaining Work' as 'Work Hours Done'....)

(3) In the 'Work Allocation' part, there is an option to insert 'Start Date' and 'End Date'. are they also related to the progress calculation? how? 

Thanks in advanced, 

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Ralph Schoon (62.3k33643) | answered Feb 27 '19, 7:47 a.m.
FORUM ADMINISTRATOR / FORUM MODERATOR / JAZZ DEVELOPER finds you loads of information. is a good overview. You can also go to the library and look at all articles that are tagged with planning or just type planning in the filter.

There is a work item categorization for planning. There are Plan Items and there are Execution items. 
Plan items e.g. Story have a complexity. E.g. story points or something else that can be summarized. Story points are added through parent child relationships between Plan items WITHIN A PROJECT AREA. An Plan item without complexity sums up all the child story points of children  WITHIN A PROJECT AREA.

Execution items such as defects or tasks get the attributes to estimate and collect the real work. The work done is aggregated to a parent WITHIN A PROJECT AREA.

 If you have no owner with a work allocation to the project/team area owning the work item all the planning can not work and I think it just displays the raw data. Not sure at the moment.

There are several levels that calculate work done and the work done is counted regardless if it has a parent.

I think start data calculated based on the order the items have in the users my work view. Only one item can be executed and the roadmap view shows the one info. If you have an allocation for 10% then you would need 10 days to execute something that is estimated a day. 

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