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RQM create snapshot REST API Response

Ajith O M (214) | asked Feb 14 '19, 1:06 a.m.

 Dear Team,

I would like to get the response body with revision id when i hit the REST API to create snapshot of a test case. in RQM. I have PROPFIND HTTP method and REST API to get the list of snapshot of the test case. But how will i find out the particular snapshot details from the list of snapshot. The title is not unique for a snapshot and revision-id is not returned when creating snapshot. Is there any REST API ? Is there any way to get the detail of a snapshot as soon as it is created.

My use case : I will be creating a snapshot and  would like to fetch the details of the particular snapshot.

Please help !

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abhishek gour (3362) | answered Feb 18 '19, 2:02 a.m.

Have a look at the response to following forum question -

The response header of request to create Snapshot should contain the revision no of created snapshot.

Also another workaround for this problem could be to keep track of existing snapshots of a given test artifact. When a new one is created then do another get on all the snapshots for that test artifact, and see which revision number did not exist before previous GET.

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